The Challenge by Universidad Javeriana

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What is the Challenge Javeriana?

A one month long competition between our industrial engineering students. Each student has to design and develop a software based on Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automatically optimize business decision problems. 
The challenge is always based on real data provided by a real company.

The Challenge in a nutshell


After the case is ready to launch, our students have a deadline of one month to deliver their software


We don't charge any money. We're only interested in giving our students the best real-life optimization experience possible


We design the Challenge based on your business and your data. We neither oversimplify nor over-complicate the problem  


We define together indicators to compare our results to your own. So far, we consistently improved the company's reference solution by 20% to 90%


Our Track Record

Image by oxana v


routing distances : -45%

software runtime : 500x faster

Baobab Soluciones

Routing Optimization

Workforce routing and scheduling problem that came from a major European telecommunication operator



overtime work : -90% 

delivery delays : -10%

AGP Glass

Production Scheduling

A multi-machine scheduling problem to maximize efficiency and minimize delivery times



picking distances : -50%

software runtime : < 1 min


Warehouse Optimization

A slotting and picking problem from one of the major latin american fashion companies

Plane on Runway


workforce shortage : -50% 

transportation cost : -50%

Airline company

Airport staff planning

A complex problem combining the optimization of both staff schedule  and their home-work transportation by cabs



non visited clients : -80%

necessary vehicles : -20%

Smart Quick

Routing Optimization

A multi-depot vehicle routing problem with time windows from a major Latin American logistics company.

Call Center Headset


non answered calls : -35% 

workforce required : -15%

Insurance sector

Call Center Planning

Process every agent constraints and compute a schedule to deliver the fastest and best answer possible