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Scheduling Optimization

October-November 2019

About the company

Advanced Glass Products (AGP) is the world leader in the design and production of curved armored glass. The group was founded 50 years ago and has now manufacturing operations in Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Germany and Belgium. They export to more than 1000 clients in 50 countries. For the anecdote, AGP manufactures the windshield "big sky"of the Tesla Model X.

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The Challenge

The manufacturing process of armored glass goes through several phases: cutting of the glass in individual layers, processing, junction, bending, polishing, assembly and lamination. The challenge consists in finding the best scheduling of the layers (which layer goes in which machine and in which order) in order to minimize the costs and deliver the products as soon as possible


reduction in overtime work


increase in production throughput


reduction in orders dealys


Winners of the Challenge


Daniel Amézquita Ortiz

Daniel's software managed to find a solution that doesn't require any overtime work. The overall execution time is less than 30 seconds. He also tested his algorithm robustness by running different sets of datas

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Pawel Alayon Benavides

David Hurtado Martinez

Their software reduces overtime work by more of 90%. In another scenario their software finds a solution to reduce by 50% the number of required machines with almost no impact on the other performance indicators. Finally they run a bunch of simulations to reduce tardiness by 15%.

camilo jaimes.jpg

Camilo Jaimes Ramirez

Juan Camilo Ibarra 

Their software reduces overtime work by more of 90%. With an execution time of less than 1 minute. In the presentation to the company they also made the case on how the current performance is subject to the previous phases of the overall process 

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Alvaro Lozano.jpg

—  Alvaro Lozano —

Corporate Industrial Improvement and Standardization Manager


“It was very rewarding to work on this second Challenge with Prof. Rabie and his students. These projects between industry and academia give us the opportunity to clearly define a real problem, see it from an external perspective, and question our assumptions and objectives.

The process in itself is very interesting. The same problem is handed to a big number of students and at the end we analyze the best algorithms to understand the logic behind.


This Challenge was valuable to help us evaluate our potential for improvement and implement practical changes in our processes”​


A word from the professor

At Javeriana University we were very eager to work again with AGP on this second Challenge. We highly value AGP's dedication to be constantly improving and their open mindedness to new ideas. For our students, this culture is a model to what an engineer should aim for in terms of excellence and work ethic. At the end of the process, this second Challenge shed light on some areas of improvement and helped us lay the ground for new common projects.


Prof. Rabie Nait-Abdallah

Leader of the Challenge

Javeriana University

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